Hello, I am Aakash Mallik
I am a Computer Science Graduate from IIT(BHU), India. During my college days, I have explored a lot of tech domains to find the one that clicks with me (pun intended). I have explored IOT, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development to name a few. When I explore a topic, I usually do a lot of side projects around it; you can find them in my lab.
I don't plan on being a wanderer for long and have decided to specialize in visual computation. I find logic and arts equally appealing and thus Computer Graphics and Frontend Engineering are the hot topics for me now. I plan on sticking to it for as long as I can.
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I currently work at Postman. You can find my resume here or you can directly get in touch on Linkedin.
A bit about Project Piperunner
I started this project as a personal collection of articles and generative art work but eventually it started morphing into a web portfolio and frontend experiment playground. The project scales way beyond this website. Checkout what my students and I are upto on Github.
As I love writing and teaching students in my free time, my goal is to serve as an initiation mentor into the world of open source. I look for passionate students who do their homework. You can get in touch with me on any of the platforms mentioned here.
Also, to make sure Piperunner as a website meets my own quality standards, I don't plan on putting ads on this platform, ever. But as you know servers don't run themselves neither do I expect any kind of mentoring fee, consider helping my cause. Every dollar you contribute keeps me away from the corporate overlords 😉.
Q. Is this site some sort of WP template?
Ha Ha Ha 😂 good one...If would be funny for a frontend engineer to build a website using a tool that practically replaces frontend engineers. I made this website using Typescript, NextJS, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, React-Notion-X, Firebase, InkScape, Figma and a lot of handcrafted animations and SVGs. This is the 2nd iteration of this website. I am planning to do a 3rd sometime later as I have realized every iteration improves my design significantly.
Q. How can I get involved in Piperunner Lab?
It is an open platform and I do side projects from time to time. I usually put a flyer out when I am accepting new students. Just keep an eye out on my Linkedin posts and Twitter feeds.
Q. What is the target domain for Piperunner Lab projects?
I tend to follow my mentor's work very closely and from what he has taught me, there are challenging problems in every domain. We are usually too entitled to acknowledge them. When you hear the word frontend, the thing that comes to your mind is probably copy/paste no-brain work and for the industry (as far as I have seen), it is mostly true. But my focus is on Computer Graphics, Simulation, Data Visualization, Animation and that sort of stuff. So basically any non-CRUD frontend application would fall under my area of interest.
Q. What on earth is Pipe&quot Runner&quot?
Well... ask Mario 🎮.